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We are building content so people can learn their target language quickly through the principles of language acquisition. It will have content for all levels and eventually on all topics so you can learn how to speak about topics that interest you. This will allow a professional to learn how to speak about their profession in their target foreign language.

SYL - Speaker Your Language

We will be building a system that will allow people to find and talk to a native speaker of their target language at any time of the day and night.

Social Media

We use many social media sites and our website to help you understand how to improve your skills and give you practice speaking and listening, reading and writing in your target language.

What we're building
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Our Mission

We want all people to be able to have discussions in other languages and our own language. We don’t have to agree on anything. However, we should have discussions about our thoughts and values. Doing this allows us to become united in discussion and sharing. This discussion starts with us sharing our languages and cultures with one another.

Our Plans

We will be building tools that help us learn other languages. So many people want to learn languages but they don’t know how and they don’t have native speakers to practice with. We are building tools that will help you do that. Those tools will help you learn your target language and they will get you in touch with native speakers.


Who you are and where you’re from is important. How you think is important. What you’re good at brings you value. Learning languages makes you even more valuable. Doing so also makes you smarter.

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Our communities we are on

By answering your questions, we are helping you know how to learn more. We also have a Quora space there.

We are using videos to communicate with you. We upload as an example and you upload so we can help you gain confidence and improve.

Here you can help me build a community of language learners and we can help each other learn our native language.